Service Engine Failure Detection and Auto-Rebalance options dropped from Avi UI, as of 17.1.2

Issue & Symptoms

Prior to 17.1.2, the following options were available in the Advanced tab of Service Engine Group editor of Avi Vantage user interface:

  • Service Engine failure detection
  • Service Engine auto-rebalance
Advanced tab of SE group editor prior to 17.1.2
Figure 1. An excerpt from the Advanced tab of the SE group editor in a release prior to 17.1.2

Beginning with release 17.1.2, these options were removed from the Avi UI for these reasons:

  • Network issues can trigger false positives when aggressive detection is enabled.
  • Use of the auto-rebalance option requires thorough consideration of the application and network topology prior to being placed into production. It should only be used by personnel having a full understanding of the potential impact.

Removing these options from the UI reduces the likelihood of unintended results. Some users require continued access to these advanced options.


These options remain available to the user via the CLI and REST API.

Service Engine failure detection can be enabled by configuring the aggressive_failure_detection option from the Avi Controller shell prompt.

Login to the Avi Controller, go to the shell prompt, and invoke these commands:

[admin:1-Controller-2]: > configure serviceenginegroup AA-SE-Group

[admin:1-Controller-2]: serviceenginegroup> aggressive_failure_detection

Overwriting the previously entered value for aggressive_failure_detection:

[admin:1-Controller-2]: serviceenginegroup> save

Observe the below output:

| aggressive_failure_detection          | True

By default, the auto_rebalance option is set to false. To enable it, login to the Avi Controller, bring up the shell, and set auto_rebalance to true.

[admin:1-Controller-2]: > configure serviceenginegroup AA-SE-Group

[admin:1-Controller-2]: serviceenginegroup> auto_rebalance

Overwriting the previously entered value for auto_rebalance

[admin:1-Controller-2]: serviceenginegroup> save

After performing changes, observe the below output:

| auto_rebalance         | True