Support Overview

This article discusses the support options available for Avi Vantage customers.

Knowledge Base

Click on Avi Documentation to access knowledge base articles on product architecture, product features, release notes, and guides for installation, configuration, DataScript, and REST API.

Avi Customer Portal

If you have credentials to the customer portal click on to download software, licenses, and to open or track support cases. For information on customer portal registration, click on Customer portal self-registration. Refer to Using the Avi Customer Portal for complete information on the portal. For specific information, click on the links below:

Support Personnel

24 x 7 Telephone Support

Dial into the following options available to contact the support personnel:

  • +1 408 628 1020 in the US
  • +44 20 3617 1055 in the UK

Alternatively, you can send an email to

The following table lists the support case severity levels and the associated information:

Severity Initial Response Ongoing Updates Time to Provide Fix/Workaround Support Coverage Hours
S1 30 mins Every hour 4 hours 24*7
S2 1 hour Every 12 hours 48 hours 24*7
S3 4 hours Every 1 business day 8 business days Business hours
S4 24 hours Every 3 business days 10 business days Business hours

Training and Professional Services

Avi Networks offers training and professional services for operation, service, and maintenance of Avi licenses products. Please contact your Avi Networks sales representative for more information or send an email to :

Support Terms and Conditions

For complete information on support terms and conditions, refer to Support Terms and Conditions.

Avi Vantage Releases

Avi Networks releases two major versions per year, scheduled six months apart. For more information, refer to Maintenance and Support Releases — Schedule and Numbering.