Using the Avi Customer Portal

The Avi Customer Portal gives secure access to a customer’s support cases, software images, and licenses. It is the preferred means by which you can initiate, modify, and track your support cases. This article explains how to use the Portal. You can register as an user by following the instructions at Avi Networks Customer Portal.

Top Banner Navigation

You can obtain the credentials by either

Log into the portal by navigating to the link at Avi Networks Customer Portal.

The banner offers the following five links to navigate:

  • Dashboard:  Default page providing at-a-glance information.


  • Software:  Downloadable installation images of current and recent Avi Vantage releases and links to release documents.
  • License: Downloadable YAML files to enable the installed product.
  • Cases: Repository of existing cases and portal to create new cases.
  • Resources: Links to Avi Resource Center, Webinars, Knowledge Base, and Community pages.




The default Customer Portal page is the dashboard as illustrated above. This provides a quick overview and additional options to retrieve detailed information, as required.

  • Personal Details – This section displays the logged-in user’s full name, the company name, the user’s email address, and email-notification subscription opted by the user. For instance, a subscribed user is notified by email when Avi Vantage release notes is made available on the Knowledge Base.

  • Recent Cases – This section displays the most recent cases submitted by the logged-in user, in the order of most-recent first. The list is empty if the user is yet to submit a case. Five columns display the auto-assigned case number, user-specified subject, when the case was opened, when it was last updated, and its type (Issue, Bug, Feature request, or Question). Typically, a case starts as a question or an issue. Avi Support’s investigation of an issue typically results in its reclassification as either a bug or a feature request. Refer to Avi Support Case Workflow for details.

  • Recent Licenses – This section displays links to download YAML license files. The license files are displayed here along with details of the user who requested the licenses. The NAME column indicates a purpose or destination. The license type and start/expiry dates round out the display.

The License tab in the banner additionally lists the expired licenses.

Downloading Software

Click on the Software tab in the banner to display a page, from where you can download the following:

  • Installation images for Avi Vantage for various environments (For example, VMware, OpenStack, Mesos)
  • Upgrade packages
  • CLI packages
  • Sample clients and web servers
  • Release notes
  • API Guide
  • Avi Installation Guides
  • Avi Upgrade Guide


Support Management Console

Click on the Cases tab to access all your case related information.


The tab offers options to create, search, archive, delete, modify, filter, and report support cases.


In contrast to the Dashboard, which displays cases associated with the logged-in user, the Support Management Console can also show cases submitted by another user selected from the username pulldown list. Choose All to display cases regardless of who submitted them.

Entering one or more words in the Search Cases field yields a case list when

  • All or part of the single word entered is found in one or more case’s subject or description fields.
  • The entire, exact phrase is found in one or more case’s subject or description fields.

Clicking on the hypertext in the subject column of a case reveals all case attributes, comments, and history. Refer to the Support Management Console section.


Support Case Creation

Both the Dashboard and the Support Management Console of the Avi Customer Portal contain links for creating cases.


  • Departments – Enter the department details (if any), relevant to the user creating the case.
  • Subject – Enter the text describing the issue or the question.
  • Type – Enter the type of the issue, one of the four, Issue, Bug, Feature request, or Question, using the drop down.
  • Severity – Enter the severity level, 1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest.
  • Version – Enter the Avi Vantage release version that is applicale.
  • Ecosystem – Enter the ecosystem details associated with the issue.
  • Deployment Environment – Enter the deployment where the issue is noticed. If the case pertains to all environments, select All. Otherwise, choose one of the following: APIC, AWS, Baremetal, CloudStack, OpenStack, VMware.
  • Description – Enter the text and hyperlinks that will help describe the issue better.
  • Attachments(Optional) Attach relevant files, screenshots, etc. It is highly recommended to attach the tech support log. Refer to Collecting Tech Support Logs to complete information on how to collect support logs.