Tolerations for Scheduling SE Pod on OpenShift/Kubernetes Node


Taints on a node prohibit scheduling of pods in an OpenShift/ Kubernetes deployment. Tolerations are applied to pods for scheduling onto nodes with matching taints. In an OpenShift/ Kubernetes integration with Avi Vantage, taints and tolerations are used for scheduling Service Engines onto tainted nodes.

For more information on taints and tolerations, refer to Taints and Tolerations.

If a node is tainted with an effect No Schedule, an SE pod can not be scheduled on the node. Toleration is a part of the OpenShift/ Kubernetes cloud configuration to schedule SE pod even on the tainted node.

Configuring Avi Vantage for Tolerations

Toleration for a node in the OpenShift cloud is configured using the se_pod_tolerations sub-mode under the oshiftk8s_configuration mode. SE pod is scheduled on a node if the node matches with the tolerations attributes. Log in to the shell access for the Avi Controller and execute the following commands.

 [admin:]: > configure cloud <name of your cloud>
 [admin:]: cloud> oshiftk8s_configuration
 [admin:]: cloud:oshiftk8s_configuration> se_pod_tolerations
 New object being created
 [admin:10-10.10.1]: cloud:oshiftk8s_configuration:se_pod_tolerations> key k1
 [admin:]: cloud:oshiftk8s_configuration:se_pod_tolerations> value v1
 [admin:]: cloud:oshiftk8s_configuration:se_pod_tolerations> effect
 no_execute           Effect NoExecute to match
 no_schedule          Effect NoSchedule to match
 prefer_no_schedule   Effect PreferNoSchedule to match
 [admin:]: cloud:oshiftk8s_configuration:se_pod_tolerations> effect no_schedule
 [admin:]: cloud:oshiftk8s_configuration:se_pod_tolerations> operator equal
 [admin:]: cloud:oshiftk8s_configuration:se_pod_tolerations> save

Additional Information

For more information on OpenShift/ Kubernetes deployment with Avi Vantage, refer to Installing Avi Vantage in OpenShift/Kubernetes.