Google Cloud Platform Support in Avi Vantage

Avi Vantage supports integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Avi Vantage offers elastic application services that extend beyond load balancing to deliver real-time application and security insights, simplify troubleshooting, auto scale predictively, and enable developer self-service and automation for applications hosted on Google Cloud Platform.


Avi Vantage for GCP provides the following functionalities:

  • Virtual Machines (VMs)are created using standard Google versions (For instance, CentOS 7.5). The CentOS image for the base VM is available in the Google repository.
  • The Avi Controller and Avi Service Engines run as Docker containers.
  • Service Engine uses a single interface for control and data traffic.
  • Virtual IP (VIP) addresses are manually configured or allocated from an Avi-managed static pool.
  • The service account authentication mechanism is used. Privilege is inherited on being spawned by an authenticated entity through API cells. The Controller instance should be spawned with a read-write scope, while Service Engines are spawned with a read-only scope.
  • The only Controller interaction with the Google API is to add a ‘route’ to the VIP via the instance. The Controller uses query API calls as well. The Controller also interacts with the Google Cloud Platform to program the routes.
  • For SE high availability, only elastic HA modes are supported for SEs.
  • VMs are created with a single interface and are assigned an IP address with a /32 mask by GCE (Google Cloud Environment) from its internal subnet.
  • The GCP Avi Controller instances need access to the GCP API endpoints. This can be achieved through any of the following mechanisms:
    • Controller instances having external IP addresses attached to them.
    • Controller instances connecting to a network, through a VPN, that has internet access.
    • The Controllers’ subnet is enabled for Private Google Access.

Avi Vantage offers a flexible, yet comprehensive solution that is infrastructure-independent, agile, and elastic at a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

The following table provides a comprehensive list of links to documentation for Google Cloud Platform integration with Avi Vantage:

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