Avi Controller Administrative Settings

The Administration > Settings area of the Avi Controller web interface provides the following options:

  • Authentication/Authorization: Choose local or remote authentication and authorization of Avi Vantage users. In the remote case, enables specification of an auth profile.
  • Access Settings: Select options for securing management access to the Avi Vantage system.
  • DNS / NTP: Specify the Domain Name System (DNS) and Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers used by Avi Vantage.
  • Licensing: Display license information and upload license files.
  • Email/SMTP: Specify the source for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) traffic from Avi Vantage.
  • Tenant Settings: Specify system-wide settings for multitenancy.
  • SSH Key Settings: Create or import SSH keys.
  • Upload HSM Packages: Upload a customer’s Hardware Security Module (HSM) software package, to enable HSM features within Avi Vantage.