OpenStack External Networks

With release 16.2.2, Avi Vantage now supports using OpenStack external networks (i.e , those marked as “external=True”) as VIP and/or pool networks. If these external networks have been correctly provisioned/configured, then the VIP is directly reachable from outside OpenStack without need for a floating-IP association. 

This feature is disabled by default.

To enable External Networks via the CLI,

configure cloud Default-Cloud
cloud> openstack_configuration
cloud:openstack_configuration> external_networks
cloud:openstack_configuration> save
cloud> save

Starting with Avi Vantage release 17.2, External Networks can be enabled via the UI.

To enable the feature via the Avi UI,

  1. From the Avi UI, click on Infrastructure > Clouds.
  2. Navigate to Step 3: Network from the New Cloud: or Edit Cloud: wizard.

    If you are creating a new cloud, the wizard looks as below: External Networks

  3. Click on the option External Networks to enable it.