Application Insights

Application Insights leverage the application analytics to provide a holistic understanding of application usage and its performance.  Application Insights are helpful for developers to understand the usability and performance of the app and provide rich end-user experience.

How does Avi Networks deliver Application Insights?

Built on software-defined principles, the Avi Vantage Platform has Avi Service Engines (the distributed load balancers) that collect real-time telemetry (parameters such as concurrent open connections, round-trip time (RTT, throughput, errors, response latency, SSL handshake latency, response types, etc.) and deliver them to the central Avi Controller. The Avi Controller analyzes these metrics in real time to provide visual, actionable insights to administrators into application performance, end user experience, and network health. Administrators can use these insights to enforce policies such as capacity scaling, application scaling, micro-segmentation, etc.