Avi Kubernetes Operator Version 1.1.x Release Notes

The Avi Vantage platform integration with Kubernetes provides a redesigned architecture involving a new operator called Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO). The following illustration outlines the components of the Avi Kubernetes integration.


What’s New in AKO Version 1.1.1

Support for the following:

  • CRD for controlling Avi object properties in a Kubernetes native language.

  • HostRule CRD to control virtual service properties for ingress objects for SNI virtual services.

  • HTTPRule CRD to control the pool level settings in Avi.

AKO Documentation

To install AKO and get started, refer to the AKO Installation Guide.

For more information about AKO, refer to the Documentation for AKO.

To know more about the compatibility matrix for the Avi Controller, AKO, Kubernetes, and Kubernetes CNIS, refer to the Compatibility Guide for AKO.

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July 22, 2020 Published the Release Notes for AKO version 1.1.1