Multihop BGP

As of release 17.1.3, Avi Vantage supports multihop BGP. Starting with release 17.2.12, this feature is supported for IPv6 in Avi Vantage. A plain peer configuration is supported in all its variations, including iBGP multihop.

To configure eBGP multihop, a per-peer configuration parameter, i.e., ebgp_multihop, specifies the number of next hops.

Note: The multihop peer must be configured with the same subnet as that of the interface network.

The below diagram explains all the configuration required in terms of

  1. Configuring the eBGP-multihop peer, and
  2. Static/default route requirements on the SE/intermediate-router/BGP peer.
ebgp multihop configuration Figure 1. eBGP multihop configuration. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Note: A multihop iBGP configuration is similar to that of normal iBGP peer. Once the proper peer placement subnet, peer IP and other details are provided, the Service Engine will initiate peering with the router. For eBGP peers, the number of hops can be controlled through the ebgp_multihop parameter mentioned above.

Avi UI Configuration

peering Figure 2. BGP peering. Click on image for an enlarged view.

Avi CLI Configuration

configure vrfcontext management
Multiple objects found for this query.
        [0]: vrfcontext-52d6cf4f-55fa-4f32-b774-9ed53f736902#management in tenant admin, Cloud AWS-Cloud
        [1]: vrfcontext-9ff610a4-98fa-4798-8ad9-498174fef333#management in tenant admin, Cloud Default-Cloud
Select one: 1
Updating an existing object. Currently, the object is:
| Field          | Value                                           |
| uuid           | vrfcontext-9ff610a4-98fa-4798-8ad9-498174fef333 |
| name           | management                                      |
| system_default | True                                            |
| tenant_ref     | admin                                           |
| cloud_ref      | Default-Cloud                                   |
local_as 100
peers peer_ip subnet md5_secret abcd