How to Enable VLAN Trunking on Avi Service Engine Running on ESX


This article discusses configuration changes required to enable VLAN trunking on Avi Service Engines running on ESX in no -access mode.

Enabling VLAN Tagging on Avi Service Engine

Follow the below steps to enable VLAN trunking on Avi Service Engines.

  1. Login to Avi UI and navigate to Infrastructure > Service Engines. Select the desired Service Engines and click on the edit option.


  2. Click on Create VLAN Interface as shown below.


  3. Provide the required details as shown below and click on Save. Name and Parent Interface are the mandatory fields.


In the above example, VLAN trunking is enabled on the Ethernet interface 1 with VLAN 137.

You can now place the virtual service on Avi Service Engine using the usual way.

To create virtual service on Avi Vantage, refer to Virtual Services.

Enabling VLAN Tagging on ESX

To enable VLAN trunking on ESX interface, refer to Virtual Machine VLAN Tagging (VGT Mode) in ESX.

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